Healthy Weekly Meal Plan 11.14.2015

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan Collage 11.14-1

We’re getting really close to Thanksgiving…can you feel the heat???   I’m trying to take a relaxed approach…I always try. Then the day of I’m like the Tasmanian devil running around like a mad person.  Honestly, I have plenty of help, but I tend to want to do more than I need to sometimes.  We’ll see how it goes!

This week we’ve got 4 meals for you until we find a replacement for Sarah…can she ever really be replaced?  šŸ™‚  We’ll do our best, but for now, enjoy the meals we have for you and try to keep yourselves sane amidst all the holiday hoopla going on.  Have a great weekend, and happy meal planning!



Minestrone Soup with Quinoa from The Roasted Root.

Prep Ahead: This recipe comes together rather quickly, but if you’d like, you can chop the vegetables ahead of time. You can add chicken for protein.


One Pot Mexican Black Bean Sweet Potato Quinoa |

One Pot Mexican Black Bean Sweet Potato Quinoa from Flavor the Moments.

Prep Ahead: Veggies can be prepped in advance. The meal comes together in 30-40 minutes!


butternut squash bacon and gruyere pasta

Butternut Squash, Bacon, and Gruyere Pasta from greens & chocolate.

Prep Ahead/Vegetarian Option: Roast the squash and/or make sauce day in advance. Omit bacon for vegetarian.



Sweet Potato and Black Bean Pizza from Cookie Monster Cooking.

Prep Ahead: Black bean puree may be made in advance. Additionally, the sweet potatoes may also be sauteed in advance. Serve with a side salad! If you don’t want to buy manchego, another cheese of choice can be used instead (although the manchego is delicious here!).

Weekly Meal Plan Grocery List 11.14

Customizable Weekly Menu 11.7

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