Healthy Weekly Meal Plan 2.25.2017

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan Collage 2.25

I know a lot of you are buried in snow, and there are lots of winter storms pounding us here in CA, but spring is making an appearance around here.  When there’s no torrential downpour, it looks like spring.  It’s green everywhere we look, and there are blossoms all over the trees already.  I already had my first bout of hay fever this week thanks to those blossoms, too, but they’re sure pretty to look at.

The snap pea and snow pea plants in my garden are producing at a nice rate too, and my fava beans should be coming in soon.  I’m beyond excited!

I’m loving the bright, vibrant colors in this week’s dishes as well, and they’re really getting me in the mood for spring.  I’m sure you’re with me whether it’s snowing or raining where you are.  It’s time…winter needs to end.

On that note, I hope enjoy this week’s meal plan and that you have a great rest of the weekend!



Spinach Avocado Goat Cheese Quesadillas from Lauren Kelly Nutrition.



Turkey Sausage Jalapeno White Bean Chili from Flavor the Moments.

Prep Ahead: The vegetables may be prepped in advance, or the entire dish can be made ahead and frozen.




Rainbow Sesame Soba Noodle Salad from greens & chocolate.

Prep Tip: This whole dish can be prepped in advance!




Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Bowls from Spoonful of Flavor.



black bean quinoa burgers

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers from Hip Foodie Mom.


HWMP 2.25


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