Red Velvet Black and White Cookies


If you’ve read my post on Red Velvet Cupcakes, you know that I love them.  And I really do love them.  When I saw the recipe for these Red Velvet Black and White Cookies, I knew I had to make them.  It was weeks before I finally got around to baking them, and it was so worth the wait!  My nieces came over to bake with me and I gave them a couple of cookie recipe choices, and this recipe was one of the lucky winners.  Have you ever had a cake mix cookie?  I have, and they are good, but I just don’t like using cake mixes because I try to steer clear of processed foods when I can.  I’d been wanting to either create my own homemade version, or find one.  These cookies tasted so much better than a cake mix cookie, and just like a red velvet cupcake — in cookie form.  Ridiculously good!  Without frosting one of my nieces couldn’t believe how good it was and said she never wanted it to end.  I had to agree.  With the cream cheese frosting and chocolate glaze, however, these cookies are nothing short of mind blowing in the best possible way.  There is a bit of a story behind these cookies.  It’s a really terrific story, actually.

I subscribe to the Joy the Baker blog by getting email updates whenever she posts something.  I was fascinated when this post came out — it was a picture of Joy with Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa, if you don’t know) at her home in the Hamptons for a cookie swap with other bloggers.  Apparently, Ladies’ Home Journal had a contest for cookie recipes submitted by bloggers.  The winners were invited to Ina’s home for a cookie swap, which would be published in an article in Ladies’ Home Journal.  I can only imagine how exciting that would be!  Almost as exciting as eating these cookies, which to me was very exciting.

I followed the recipe for these cookies exactly as instructed on the website.  Click the link for the cookies above to get it.  I had to know what they were like before I did any tweaking.  I don’t know why I would tweak them…they were perfection.  Maybe in different flavor varieties.  Possibly in a sandwich cookie.  We’ll see!   It was a very easy recipe to follow.  The dough was sticky, but manageable with a spring loaded cookie scoop.


Anyway, the recipe didn’t state how long to bake them for.  I baked them on a rack situated in the middle of the oven for 10 minutes.


Let them cool, and I highly recommend frosting them with the cream cheese frosting and chocolate glaze on the bottoms of the cookies.  Luckily, I had help.  I only frosted one!  This one was mine….


…and my nieces frosted the rest.  Thanks girls!


These cookies do not transport easily.  I used a cake carrier to transport them because parchment paper in between them would take off a beautiful layer of cream cheese frosting and chocolate glaze.  We can’t have that.  These cookies were a big hit, and I can only imagine how many (more) sweethearts would be lined up down the block for you if you baked these for Valentine’s Day.  These would be terrific for Fourth of July as well, with just cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles.  This is a must try recipe with a Cinderella story attached to it.  It doesn’t get much better than this!