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Hi, I’m Marcie!  I’m a wife and mother of two boys residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’m living proof that anybody can learn to cook because I was horrible at it for most of my life.  I grew up baking in the kitchen with my mom, and had hardly any experience cooking until later in life.  When I got married, I still wasn’t a great cook, and focused on it when I dumped my paying job and became a stay at home mom.  I watched countless hours of Food Network, read cooking magazines and cookbooks, and took some classes here and there.  I was obsessed and started this blog in September of 2012.

My dream was to go to cooking school, and in September of 2013 I began a 6 month full-time cooking program in San Francisco at Tante Marie Cooking School.  It was demanding, challenging, fun, and extremely rewarding, and was 6 months of some of the best experience and food I’ve ever encountered.  I graduated in March 2014, and received a certificate for my achievement.  Although the program prepared me for the restaurant/catering world, I prefer the (sometimes) slower pace and creativity I have running this blog, and have a dream to write a cookbook next.

My food focus is on fresh, seasonal food, with lots of flavor.  You’ll find mostly healthy dishes with some sweets on the side, because life is completely about balance for me.  I hope the recipes you find here will inspire you to get in your kitchen and create dishes to enjoy with the ones you love.

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