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Back to School $400 Cash Giveaway!

Monday 07, 2014
back to school giveaway 2014

This is almost too good to be true, but it is true.  You can enter to win $400 of back to school cash right here, and right now — no strings attached.  You like Pinterest, right?  Of course you do! All you have to do to enter is follow as many of the sponsors of this giveaway on Pinterest as…

Balsamic Honey Chicken Peach Skewers

Sunday 07, 2014
balsamic honey chicken peach skewers1|

Balsamic Honey Chicken Peach Skewers are balsamic honey marinated chicken breasts skewered with fresh peach, red bell pepper, and red onion, grilled to perfection.  These skewers are sweet, savory, and satisfying, and the perfect summer meal.

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