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Death By Chocolate Halloween Cookie Cake

Thursday Oct 23rd, 2014
death-by-chocolate-halloween-cookie-cake1 |

Death by Chocolate Halloween Cookie Cake is a thick and chewy super chocolatey cookie with chocolate chips, Halloween sprinkles, and chocolate ganache frosting.  Rest in peace chocolate cravings!

Ratatouille Smoked Mozzarella Baked Quinoa

Tuesday Oct 21st, 2014
ratatouille-smoked-mozzarella-baked-quinoa1 |

Ratatouille Smoked Mozzarella Baked Quinoa is traditional ratatouille tossed with cooked quinoa and grated smoked mozzarella and baked until golden and bubbly.  This is a rustic, hearty vegetarian main dish that’s sure to satisfy, and it’s gluten free, too.

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