Overnight oat recipes collage

Are you a morning person? I most certainly am not. The ideal morning is when I have to do as little as possible to get my coffee down and breakfast on the table for myself and my family.  Overnight oats are a staple for me, because they’re the perfect no-finger-lifting kind of breakfast I love. Not only are they delicious, but they’re healthy!  Let’s just call them an overnight sensation, shall we?

One of the biggest questions I receive on a regular basis is whether overnight oats are served cold, and the answer is yes. I know that seems odd, and it did to me at first too; but one bite and I was hooked. They’re so unbelievably creamy, and you’ve just got to try them to understand.

Here’s how it works:

Combine your oats with your favorite milk and sweetener, and maybe some fun add-ins like chia seeds or Greek yogurt. Let them stand for 6 hours or overnight, and your breakfast is done. I was totally serious about this being a no-finger-lifting kind of breakfast.

I decided to put together this round up of 17 Outrageously Good Overnight Oats Recipes because once you try overnight oats, I think you’ll be just as hooked as I am. That means you’ll love a variety of options like Chai Spiced Chia Overnight Oats, Cookie Dough Overnight Oats, Almond Strawberry Overnight Oats, and Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Overnight Oats.  The options are endless, but these 17 recipes are enough to get you on your way to some of the easiest, tastiest breakfasts ever.

You can view this round up in it’s entirety on Parade Community Table via the link below!

17 Outrageously Good Overnight Oats Recipes

Prepare to be addicted!

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