This collection of 23 Kabocha Squash Recipes includes curry, soup, hummus, cake and so many other delicious ways to use this amazing winter squash. You’ll also learn nutrition information, how to cut kabocha squash and so much more!

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This time of year is my absolute favorite, and winter squash is one of the reasons why.  Each variety is special in its own right, and while it’s hard to choose a favorite, kabocha squash is at the top of my list.

Before I went to cooking school, I had no idea what it was.  My instructor did an amazing job of exposing my class to a wide variety of produce, and I’ll never forget the first time I tasted this wonderful squash.

It instantly became a favorite of mine for its special flavor, texture, and versatility, and I love finding new ways to incorporate it into my recipes.

Although kabocha is fairly common now, I come across people all the time that have never tried it. I hope this collection of recipes inspires you to try it for the first time, or in some different ways!

Whole Kabocha squash


What is kabocha squash?

Kabocha squash, also known as Japanese pumpkin, is a type of winter squash. It’s dark green and bumpy with flecks of gold on the outside, and the inside is bright orange with velvety sweet flesh.

What does kabocha squash taste like?

Unlike most pumpkins, kabocha is slightly sweet and starchy with a nutty flavor.

Can you eat the skin of a kabocha squash?

Yes! Kabocha skin is totally edible, and adds a nice chewy contrast to the velvety sweet flesh. I love that I don’t have to peel the squash, which makes prepping it so much easier.
Kabocha squash cut in half

What is a good kabocha squash substitute?

If kabocha is not readily available to you or you simply prefer other varieties, you can substitute it with almost any variety of winter squash, including the following:

Delicata squash
Heirloom pumpkins — ask the farmer or market for the best edible types!
Red kuri
Sugar Pumpkin
Sweet Potato

Nutrition benefits of kabocha squash

Kabocha squash includes many health benefits. It’s low in calories and fat, and is a good source of fiber, antioxidants, iron, copper, magnesium, beta-carotene, and Vitamins A, B and C.

Nutrition information for one cup of squash is as follows:

Calories: 49
Fat:  .2
Carbs:  12
Fiber:  2.7
Sugars:  5.1
Protein:  1.8

How to cut kabocha squash

Cutting kabocha can seem daunting, but it’s very easy to do following my handy tips below!

1. Stand the squash upright on a cutting board. Insert a paring knife into the top of the squash and cut downward until you reach the bottom, and repeat on the other side. Turn the squash over and either crack it open the rest of the way, or use your paring knife carefully to cut through the bottom of the squash.
2. Use the tip of a large spoon to scrape the seeds and stringy insides out of the squash.
3. Reserve the seeds for roasted pumpkin seeds!
3. Slice the squash into wedges or cubes.
How to cut kabocha squash collage

Choosing and storing

Choose squash that’s firm and heavy, with no bruising or discoloration.

The squash will keep at room temperature in a cool, dark place for up to one month. Once you slice the squash, it will keep wrapped tightly in plastic wrap for 3-5 days.

Can you freeze kabocha squash?

Yes! Freeze cut squash for up to 3 months.

How to cook kabocha squash

You can cook your squash in the Instant Pot, oven or even your slow cooker! Check out details by clicking the links below!

1. Cook your kabocha squash whole in the Instant pot or oven and puree it for soup, risotto or for baking.
2. Grate it and use in baking just as you would carrot.
3. Roast it in wedges or chunks with your favorite seasoning and add to salads or serve as a side dish.
4. Simmer it in chili, curry or soup.

Kabocha squash slices on a cutting board

23 delicious Kabocha Squash Recipes

Thanks to its edible skin, preparing and cooking kabocha squash is a breeze! You can use it like you would any other winter squash — in soups, stews, pasta dishes, and more.

The following recipes show how truly unique and versatile kabocha is.

close up overhead shot of roasted kabocha squash

Roasted Kabocha Squash with Tahini Dressing

Roasted Kabocha Squash with Tahini Dressing is an easy roasted kabocha squash recipe with garam masala spice and maple orange tahini dressing!
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Two bowls of kabocha squash soup topped with pecans and a cherry drizzle.

Kabocha Squash Soup

This creamy cinnamon ginger kabocha squash soup is topped with a tart cherry drizzle and pecan cherry crumble. Grab and bowl and get cozy!
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Overhead view of a platter of wild rice salad with kabocha squash.

Wild Rice Salad with Kabocha Squash and Brown Butter Vinaigrette

This hearty salad is packed with fresh produce and is perfect for holiday get togethers.
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Overhead view of two roasted kabocha squash halves in a baking dish.

3 Ways to Cook Kabocha Squash

Learning how to cook Kabocha squash doesn’t have to be difficult! With these 3 easy methods, you’ll find one that works for you!
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Overhead view of chocolate kabocha muffins on a wire rack.

Dark Chocolate Kabocha Muffins

These chocolate muffins are incredibly moist thanks to the kabocha squash puree in the batter. Perfect for quick grab-and-go breakfasts.
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Overhead view of a bowl of kabocha squash chili topped with avocado, jalapeno slices, and cilantro.

Kabocha Chili

A cozy Kabocha Two Bean Chili simmered in a chipotle and poblano base with fire roasted tomatoes and warming spices.
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Chicken and wild rice in a skillet. A spoon rests on the edge of the skillet.

Oven Baked Chicken and Wild Rice Skillet with Kabocha Ribbons

Such a simple, comforting dish that tastes like fall!
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Overhead view of a kale salad with kabocha squash and pomegranate aerils.

Hearty Kale Salad with Kabocha Squash, Pomegranate Seeds, and Toasted Hazelnuts

The perfect winter salad! Creamy kabocha squash, pomegranate seeds, and a tangy vinaigrette make for a filling salad.
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A dish of kabocha squash hummus surrounded by pita chips, on a dark blue background.

Kabocha Squash Hummus

This creamy hummus is great as a dip for cracker and veggies, or as a spread for sandwiches and wraps.
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Thai pumpkin curry in a bowl with spoon buried inside

Thai Pumpkin Curry with Chicken

Thai Pumpkin Curry is packed with tender chunks of chicken, pumpkin and veggies in a creamy flavorful coconut red curry sauce!  It's an easy weeknight dinner that's great for meal prep and it's freezer friendly!
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Overhead view of a kabocha squash casserole. A whole squash and a dish of nuts rest nearby.

Kabocha Squash Casserole

Creamy, naturally sweet kabocha squash casserole with gluten-free walnut topping – a marvelous dish to share with friends and family during the holidays.
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Roasted slices of kabocha squash topped with flavored butter.

Whole Roasted Kabocha Squash with Chipotle Butter

Whole Roasted Kabocha Squash with Chipotle Butter is a healthy fall side dish ~ and my whole roasting method is the best way to cook winter squash.
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A slice of kabocha squash cake on a brown floral plate. A bite has been speared on a fork.

Kabocha Squash Cake with Chai Caramel

Made gluten-free and refined sugar-free, this cake is mostly naturally sweetened using kabocha squash!
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A vegetarian stuffed whole kabocha squash.

Vegetarian Stuffed Kabocha Squash

If you love winter squash, you are going to love this easy stuffed kabocha squash recipe! This recipe is vegetarian, but there is a simple way to make this stuffed squash vegan as well!
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Overhead view of a pot of kabocha squash quinoa salad.

Maple Roasted Kabocha Squash & Quinoa Salad

Light, fluffy quinoa is combined with roasted kabocha squash, pomegranate seeds, fresh herbs, crunchy pistachio seeds and a sweet maple dressing.
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Overhead view of a dish of kabocha squash dip.

Roasted Kabocha Squash Dip

Roasted Kabocha Squash Dip is a healthy and delicious dip, perfect for a snack or for a party.
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A bowl of kabocha squash salad. A knife and fork rest in the background.

Roasted Kabocha Squash Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing

This is a simple clear-out-the-fridge salad. Feel free to tweak the ingredients to suit what you have on hand!
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Two lamb-stuffed kabocha squash halves on a metal plate. Fresh rosemary and cranberries surround the plate.

Lamb Stuffed Kabocha Squash

Lamb stuffed kabocha squash is filled wild mushrooms and couscous, fresh cranberries, blue cheese and aromatic rosemary.
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A mug full of Thai kabocha soup, with a spoon resting nearby.

Spicy Kabocha Pumpkin Soup

It’s hard to believe this thick, creamy, velvety soup is dairy-free and vegan-friendly… but it is!
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A stack of five kabocha chocolate chip bars. A glass of milk rests in the background. More bars are scattered around the stack.

Chocolate Chip Kabocha Bars

These cinnamon-spiked, gluten free, Chocolate Chip Kabocha Bars make for a decadent tasting dessert or breakfast!
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