Celebrate tomatillo season with this collection of 27 of the best Tomatillo Recipes! You’ll find recipes for salsa, enchiladas, posole and tostadas, along with handy info such as nutrition information, how to grow them and more!

collage of 25 tomatillo recipes

Fall has arrived, but tomatillo season is still in full swing! I love incorporating tomatillos into our meals…thankfully my family loves them as much as I do!

Before I went to cooking school, I’d tried green enchilada sauce (also known as salsa verde) at Mexican restaurants, but I didn’t even know what a tomatillo looked like.

We used them a few times in school and I haven’t looked back.  I incorporate them into our meals regularly, because my family has embraced them as well.

Whether you’re a tomatillo lover or are new to them, be sure to check out the collection of some of the best tomatillo recipes at the bottom of this post!

If you love produce, be sure to check out the following round ups:

tomatillos on a cutting board
What are tomatillos?

The tomatillo plant originated in Mexico, and is a member of the nightshade family.  Tomatillos are small, round fruits that grow in papery husks on a plant that resembles a tomato plant.

Tomatillos are fruits that are also known as Mexican husk tomatoes. While they resemble green tomatoes, they’re not related to them at all.  Green tomatoes are simply underripe tomatoes, and are completely different from tomatillos.

Tomatillos are normally green and ripen to a yellow color.  The flesh of the tomatillo is firm and coated with a sticky residue that’s easily washed off.

What do tomatillos taste like?

The taste of tomatillos is bright and acidic yet fruity — they’re not spicy at all.  The texture and flavor of tomatillos is perfect in sauces and salsas, and they may be eaten both raw and cooked.

Can you eat tomatillos raw?

Tomatillos may be eaten raw or cooked. Just make sure to wash off the sticky residue on their skin before enjoying them consuming them raw or incorporating them into your recipes.

Growing Tomatillos

Growing tomatillos is much like growing tomatoes. The plants are tolerant to many different types of soil conditions, but do the best in well-drained, sandy and fertile soils.  The plants grow well in warmer weather planted in full sun, and the fruit will be ready for harvest in about 6-8 weeks when the fruit has filled the paper husk and the husk begins to split.

While tomatillos are native to Mexico, they’re grown widely in America because they’re insect resistant.  Apparently the sticky substance that coats the tomatillo contains a chemical with a foul taste that insects aren’t too fond of.  I never knew this before researching this post, and now I want to grow tomatillos every year!

How do you know when tomatillos are ripe?

Tomatillos are ripe when they’ve turned a bright green or yellow (it depends on the variety) and the paper husk begins to split.
Diced, sliced and whole tomatillos on a cutting board

Nutrition benefits

Tomatillos are low in calories and fat, and are a good source of vitamins A and C, niacin, fiber and antioxidants.

Because tomatillos are a member of the nightshade family, they contain high levels of alkaloids which can be detrimental if you already have problems with arthritis and inflammation.  If you experience these problems, you may want to consult your doctor before adding tomatillos to your diet.

Choosing tomatillos

Choose tomatillos that are firm, heavy and free from discoloration.

If you’re wondering where to buy tomatillos, they’re normally in the refrigerated section of the produce department in the grocery store near the chili peppers.

How to store tomatillos

Ripe tomatillos keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, and may keep even longer if stored in a plastic zip top bag with the husks removed.

How to prepare tomatillos

Tomatillos are are very easy to prep. They’re easily sliced or chopped as they’re firmer and less watery than tomatoes. They can be used raw in salsas and salads, and are excellent roasted and pureed for various sauces and soups.

Is there a good tomatillo substitute?

Green tomatoes (i.e. unripened tomatoes) may be a good substitute in certain sauces and soups. Some grocery stores also sell canned tomatillos, which work for some recipes.

Sliced tomatillo on a cutting board with a knife

27 delicious tomatillo recipes

Below are some of the best tomatillo recipes that will inspire you to use them in an abundance of delicious ways!

Tomatillo salsa recipe in a white bowl with lime and cilantro

Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

This Tomatillo Salsa Recipe is fresh, vibrant and beyond easy to make! It's the perfect dip or topping for tacos, fajitas or burrito bowls, and it's ready in 10 minutes!
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BBQ beef stuffed potatoes with sour cream and tomatillo salsa on top

Baked Potatoes with Shredded Beef and Tomatillo Jam

This is a great recipe to use up that leftover shredded beef or bbq pulled pork. The tomatillo jam takes the loaded baked potatoes to the next level!
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Overhead view of tomatillo chicken pasta in skillet

Tomatillo Chicken Pasta

Roasted tomatillos, onion, and garlic pureed to make a silky pasta sauce. This tomatillo chicken pasta is a delicious way to shake-up your pasta-for-dinner night this week.
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chicken enchilada bake cut into squares in baking dish

Chicken Enchilada Bake with Homemade Salsa

Chicken Enchilada Bake is layers of shredded chicken, corn tortillas, green enchilada sauce and cheese topped with a flavorful homemade salsa!
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Easy Homemade Salsa Verde

Easy Homemade Salsa Verde uses six simple ingredients to create a sweet salsa verde that is vegan and gluten-free.
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Overhead view of two lentil tacos with pinepple-tomatillo salsa.

Lentil Tacos with Grilled Pineapple-Tomatillo Salsa

These Lentil Tacos with Grilled Pineapple-Tomatillo Salsa are perfect for those hot summer nights when it’s too hot to cook. No oven required!
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Grilled corn salad in glass bowl

Grilled Mexican Corn Salad with Tomatillos

This grilled Mexican corn salad is tossed with tomatillos and a creamy avocado ranch dressing! It’s a healthy gluten free side for only 125 calories!
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Roasted tomatillo salsa verde in a white bowl

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Fire roasted tomatillos and cherry tomatoes pair beautifully with spicy jalapeno, onion, and garlic in this non-traditional salsa verde. A little sweet, a little tangy, a little spicy – all delicious.
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Salsa verde chicken enchiladas in baking dish

Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

These salsa verde chicken enchiladas have homemade salsa verde, Monterey jack cheese, and are garnished with sour cream and red onion. The chicken and salsa cook in the slow cooker so when it’s time for dinner you just assemble and bake the enchiladas.
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Avocado salsa verde dip in white bowl with chip dipped in

Avocado Salsa Verde

This Avocado Salsa Verde can be made in your blender in just 10 minutes! Ditch the jar and make this easy peasy tomatillo guacamole dip at home.
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Homemade green enchilada sauce pouring from a spoon

Homemade Green Enchilada Sauce

This Homemade Green Enchilada Sauce is fresh, flavorful and better than anything you can buy at the store! It's so easy to make, you control the level of spiciness, and it's freezer friendly!
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Overhead view of a chili verde.

Instant Pot Chili Verde

Hearty and zesty, Chili Verde is a saucy green stew with juicy and tender chicken.
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A mug of posole verde garnished with lime and cilantro. Radishes in the foreground.

Farro and White Bean Posole Verde

This hearty and comforting posole verde is made with farro and white beans, and tastes best when loaded up with all sorts of fresh toppings.
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Overhead view of green shakshuka in a cast iron skillet.

Green Shakshuka

Green shakshuka baked egg dish with tomatillos and healthy super greens topped with avocado and jalapeño for a savory but spicy meal.
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Baked black bean sweet potato taquitos on parchement

Baked Taquitos with Black Beans & Sweet Potato

These baked taquitos are stuffed with a roasted sweet potato and black bean mixture and dipped into a roasted tomatillo and avocado dip.
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Overhead view of lentil tacos on baking sheet

Salsa Verde Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos with Mango Pomegranate Salsa

A fair mix of sweet, spicy and salty, these Salsa Verde Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos with Mango Pomegranate Salsa are deliciously addictive but so super healthy!
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Tomatillo salsa shrimp zoodles on a white plate with a fork.

Tomatillo Salsa Shrimp Zucchini Noodles

15 minutes for an easy, fresh, and healthy dinner! These Tomatillo Salsa Shrimp Zucchini Noodles are only 5 ingredients and packed with flavor – they make a perfect low carb, paleo, and gluten free summer meal or appetizer!
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A chicken tostada topped with tomatillo salsa.

Chicken Tostadas with Charred Tomatillo Salsa and Mashed White Beans

Crispy, crunchy chicken tostadas are not only fun to make, but delicious, as well! And when smothered in creamy mashed white beans, topped with a mildly spicy homemade charred tomatillo salsa, you’ve got a scrumptious tostada recipe with a unique twist.
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Slow Roasted Carnitas with Salsa Verde

Pork is slow roasted until tender, then shredded and topped with homemade salsa verde.
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Grilled Skirt Steak With Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

This grilled skirt steak is tender and juicy and the marinade creates such a great flavorful crust!
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Three pork carnitas tacos on a white plate.

Pork Carnitas Tacos with Mango Black Bean Salsa

Moist, juicy, tender pork carnitas with crisp brown edges, and a fresh, colorful, fruity mango black bean salsa, topped with roasted tomatillo salsa verde on slightly toasted tortillas.
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Overhead view of two green bloody marys in glasses.

5-Minute Homemade Green Bloody Mary Mix

Simple 5-Minute Homemade Green Bloody Mary Mix makes a unique cocktail base. Just blend together green tomatoes, tomatillos, celery, cilantro, green hot sauce and spices.
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Tomatillo white beans in a white bowl

Instant Pot White Beans with Tomatillos

The only thing better than quick and easy Instant Pot White Beans is white beans with tomatillos, poblanos, and even more Mexican flavors!
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Tomatillo corn salsa in blue and white bowl with chips

Fire Roasted Tomatillo and Corn Salsa

Everything that goes into this zesty salsa is charred over an open flame first, so the rich, smokey flavor is infused throughout. Enjoy it with grilled meats, poultry, fish, and tacos, or simply with a big bag of tortilla chips.
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Salsa verde chicken soup in white bowl with sour cream on top

Slow Cooker Chicken Salsa Verde Tortilla Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken Salsa Verde Tortilla Soup is classic chicken tortilla soup with a salsa verde twist! It’s healthy, hearty, and delicious!
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