Celebrate fig season with 27 of the Best Fig Recipes! Post includes everything you need to know about figs, along with recipes such as fig jam, fig salad, baked figs and so much more!

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Most people either love figs or hate them in my experience.  Which side of the fence do you fall on?   I’ll admit, the only exposure I’d had to figs growing up was in Fig Newtons (which I loved), and I didn’t try fresh figs until about 10 years ago.

My grandmother is the reason that I tried figs, plain and simple.  She tried to get me to try them over the years, but I would wrinkle up my nose and politely decline.  Fresh figs looked so soft and squishy…I wasn’t sure I would like the texture.

My grandmother became terminally ill and on a visit a few weeks before she died, I finally gave in when she offered me a fig.  I fell in love with them on the spot and wished I’d tried them sooner.

I’m so glad that I shared that with my grandmother, and now whenever I eat fresh figs, I always think of her.

Now I look forward to fig season each and every year, and find that the season is far too short. I can’t get enough, and I love incorporating them into sweet and savory dishes all season long.

I hope this collection of some of the best fig recipes will inspire you to try them in new ways. And I for one learned a lot doing research for the produce guide portion of this post. I had no idea how figs were pollinated….more on that below. 🙂

Fresh figs on a white plate
What is a fig?

Figs are small, delicate fruits that are pear shaped with thin, almost velvety skin.  They’re very soft when ripe, and the flesh of the fig is deep pinkish-red and contains several small, crunchy seeds.

There are several varieties of figs, including Brown Turkey (shown in the photos here), as well as Black Mission, Calimyrna and Sierra.  The latter two varietals are green in color.

How to eat figs

Remove the stem, then wash the fig under running water and pat dry. You can eat the entire fig, skin and all!

What do figs taste like?

Figs are very sweet with floral notes. The flavor varies slightly depending on the variety.

How are figs pollinated?

I never knew how figs were pollinated until I researched the topic.  I knew that figs are inverted flowers, which is why the inside of the fig contains crunchy seeds.

What I didn’t know before was that fresh figs are male and female, and we only eat the females.  It only gets stranger from here, I promise you. 🙂

Fig wasps are solely responsible for fig pollination, and female figs are the only way for fig wasps to reproduce.  This is called mutuality….figs and fig wasps rely on one another to survive.

Because the fig is an inverted flower, fig wasps must climb into the female fig to pollinate it.  In the process, its wings and antennae break off while climbing inside, which means there’s no way out and it dies inside.

And it keeps getting stranger….

Female fig wasps lay their eggs inside the fig, then the male and female babies hatch and mate with one another.  The male baby wasps aren’t born with wings, and their role is to dig tunnels to the outside of the fig for the females.  The female baby wasps then make the journey out with the pollen from the fig, and the male dies inside.

TMI?  Quite possibly.  I’ll never think of a fig the same way again after learning all of this, but I’ll continue to eat them. 🙂

The good news is that most commercially grown figs don’t require pollination!

Are figs vegan?

As I mentioned, commercial figs (or common figs) don’t require pollination, but there’s always a chance that a fig wasp could have crawled into your fig.

The fig does use an enzyme called ficin to break down the wasp into protein, but not necessarily all of it. With that in mind, I’d have to say that figs aren’t vegan.
Whole and halved fresh figs on a white plate

How to grow fig trees

Common fig trees are the best fig trees for home gardeners because they don’t require a flower to pollinate.  Trees should be planted in early spring or late fall in full sun when the tree is dormant.

Fig trees grow best in warmer climates, but may also be planted in containers which can be moved indoors during colder months.

Fig trees may take up to two years to produce fruit. 

For more info, click here.

When are figs in season?

Figs are typically harvested in June, with a second harvest between August and October.

Fig benefits

Figs are high in natural sugars and minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper. They’re also a good source of soluble fiber and vitamins A, E and K.

Choosing and storing fresh figs

Choose figs that are soft but not too squishy, and avoid them if they’re bruised or wrinkled. 

They’re extremely perishable, so store them in the refrigerator and plan on using them within a day or two or make them into jam!

What are figs good for?

I’m so glad you asked! I’ve shared my favorite fresh fig recipes below. While they’re amazing in sweet recipes like cakes, tarts and jam, I love them even more in savory recipes like salads, pizza and paired with goat cheese.

If you love produce, be sure to check out the following recipe round ups:

27 Fresh Fig Recipes to Make

White plate with fresh figs in the center

If you’re new to figs or are looking for some new ways to use them, you’ll love this collection of fresh fig recipes!

Yes, figs are delicious as is, but there are countless ways to prepare them in sweet and savory recipes. Add them to cakes and tarts, transform them into jams and spreads, use them as a topping for pizza, and so much more.

Check out the following fig recipes for inspiration!

Fig jam in a jar

Small-Batch Fig Jam

Small-Batch Fig Jam is the easiest way to make homemade fig jam recipe! There's no pectin, refined sugar or canning requirements, and it's a great way to enjoy fresh figs!
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Kale salad topped with sweet potato cubes, halved figs and other veggies.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Fig Kale Salad

This kale salad is topped with roasted sweet potatoes, figs, maple-toasted walnuts, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. Yum!
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Brie cheese topped with honey and figs.

Easy Baked Brie with Figs and Honey

An elegant baked brie appetizer that tastes ultra rich and creamy. The figs take the brie to the next level!
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Two mason jars filled with fig chia pudding. Fig halves are scattered around them,

Almond Milk Fig Chia Pudding

Naturally vegan and sugar-free, this fig chia pudding makes for a simple yet hearty breakfast.
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Two grilled figs stuffed with Brie cheese and drizzled with honey on a gray surface.

Easy Grilled Figs Stuffed with Brie and Honey

Four basic ingredients is all that stands between you and this grilled fig appetizer.
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Grilled fig potato salad on a white plate

Grilled Fig and Potato Salad

Grilled Fig and Potato Salad is packed with sweet and savory flavor and crunchy maple-almond clusters!
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Overhead view of a melon prosciutto salad on a white platter. Individual ingredients surround the platter on a blue towel.

Melon, Fig, and Prosciutto Salad

This melon, fig, and prosciutto salad is a great option for your next summer get together.
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Close up shot of phyllo brie bites topped with figs.

Baked Brie Bites with Figs and Prosciutto

Sweet fig jam, brie cheese, and crunchy phyllo cups — what’s not to love about this simple fig recipe?
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Overhead view of a naked fig semolina cake. Fresh figs top the cake.

The Best Fig Semolina Cake

This show stopping cake is kept moist from the yogurt and figs in the batter. So simple, yet so impressive!
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Overhead view of a fig and goat cheese galette. One slice has been cut and is about to be removed.

Fig, Honey and Goat Cheese Galette

Sweet figs, tangy goat cheese, and honey are nestled in a flaky buttery crust.
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A fig mojito in a tall glass. Fresh figs are scattered around the glass.

Fig Mojito

This easy fig mojito is a refreshing take on the classic cocktail.
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Maple roasted figs scattered on a baking tray.

Maple Roasted Figs

Figs are roasted with maple syrup, sprinkled with salt and cinnamon, and roasted to jammy perfection.
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Two fig crumble bars on a white plate.

Fig Crumble Bars

These crumble bars feature a fresh fig filling that’s to die for!
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Two blue floral cups filled with scoops of fig ice cream.

Roasted Fig & Ginger Ice Cream

Coconut, ginger, and fig flavor this naturally vegan and dairy-free ice cream.
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Figs stuffed with goat cheese being drizzled with honey. The figs are in a blue baking dish.

Baked Figs with Goat Cheese

These baked figs with goat cheese come together in just 15 minutes!
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A fresh fig salad on a large white plate. Two glasses of wine rest in the background.

Fig Salad with Goat Cheese and Baby Arugula

Enjoy this fig salad as a light lunch or serve alongside your favorite summer entrees.
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Easy Gluten Free Fig Cake

Easy Gluten Free Fig Cake

Lemon yogurt cake with fresh figs is an easy gluten free dessert. This fig cake is yummy, moist, and delicious. Bake in a springform pan.
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Whipped goat cheese fig bites on wooden server

Honey Thyme Whipped Goat Cheese and Fig Bites

Honey Thyme Whipped Goat Cheese and Fig Bites are an elegant 5-ingredient appetizer that are perfect for entertaining!
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Overhead view of a honey fig pizza in a cast iron skillet.

Honey Fig Pizza with Feta Cheese and Walnuts

If you’ve never tried figs on pizza, you’re missing out. Salty, sweet, and oh-so good!
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A fig and almond butter smoothie in a tall glass. Figs, almond butter, and almonds rest in the background.

Fig and Almond Butter Smoothie

This sweet and creamy fig smoothie is perfect after a workout…or as dessert!
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Overhead view of fresh figs with ricotta and pistachios in a dish.

Fresh Figs with Lemon-Vanilla Ricotta and Toasted Pistachios

Pistachios and lemon zest flavor this unique fig recipe. Perfect as a snack or appetizer.
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A small jar of fig overnight oats topped with fresh figs, resting on a white plate next to a spoon.

Overnight Oats with Figs, Honey and Toasted Coconut

Prep the fig and coconut overnight oats before going to bed and enjoy a hearty breakfast the next morning.
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Overhead view of a sliced onion, fig, and ricotta pizza on a wooden board.

Caramelized Onion, Fig & Ricotta Pizza

Caramelized onions, figs, ricotta, and fresh basil top a homemade cauliflower pizza crust.
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Fig salad in a white bowl with dressing

Arugula Fig Salad Recipe

This Arugula Fig Salad recipe is packed with sweet and savory flavor! It's tossed with crisp apple, creamy goat cheese, toasted walnuts and a tangy balsamic vinaigrette and is guaranteed to impress!
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